59S UV Light Sanitizer Bag for Make up (P11)

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59S uv sterilizer bag comes with Micro-USB interface(5V-2A) and 2000mAh power bank, powered by adptor or 59S power bank. Made of durable fabric, makes sterilizer bag lighter and more portable.



    Brand Name: 59S
    Disinfection time: 3 mins
    Model Number: SZD9-P11
    UVC LED QTY: 9 pcs
    Wavelength: 260-280 nm
    Input Interface:Micro USB (5V-2A)  
    Power Source:  2000mAh power bank
    Size: 9.84*7.48*4.72 inches
    Net weight: 12.34 oz
    Power: 8 W
    LED Lifespan: 10000 hours


    How to use

    how to use P11

    Why choose UV-C light?

    • There are heat-resistant germs: "mad cow" virus
    • Cold-resistant germs: avian influenza virus, Yell bacteris
    •  Drug-resistant germs: Superbug
    •  No LED UV-resistant germs
    •  Efficient: 99.9%
    •  Non Toxic
    • No Ozine
    • No Radiation

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